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Spring Tasks

By Neil Peterson

Last Updated Apr 16, 2009 6:19:16 PM

Warm, sunny days just beg to be utilized for work in the yard, and there’s a lot to do in the landscape this time of year. Now is an excellent time to lift and divide summer and fall blooming perennials. Avoid transplanting spring and early summer blooming plants; however, because the disturbance will probably cause them to not flower. Evaluate your garden beds and visualize where you would like more color. Late April into early May is an excellent time to plug in perennials as cool days lend to quick plant establishment.

Now is also the right time to plant flowering trees. Most spring flowering trees are spring dug, so the greatest availability is early in the season. Also you can physically pick out the color of blooms rather than trying to rely on a tag or picture. Many small trees which boast spring flowers also carry attributes for the rest other seasons. Try Serviceberry for gorgeous fall color and smooth, gray bark. Another fine choice is Witchhazel, which can bloom in February, attracts birds, and grows well in shade.

Lawns are beginning to come out of dormancy now as well. This is when the most important application of fertilizer is made to get turf off on the right foot. Preemergent herbicides also should be applied now to prevent spring weeds from gaining a foothold. Grub control is recommended in mid May as the larva are beginning to rise closer to the surface and feed more heavily. Dead patches in lawns can often be attributed to grubs feeding. They are more likely to inhabit irrigated lawns.

Specific questions about your yard or plants? Just send an E-mail or call, and our staff is happy to help!

-Neil Peterson