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May Gardening

By Neil Peterson

Last Updated May 9, 2009 9:02:11 AM


The weather has finally begun to stay consistently warm and plants are really starting to grow. Now is the best time of year to evaluate your landscape and decide on what types of color, texture, and features you want in the garden. Take pictures and notes to help better visualize the design and capture each season. Think about where you might enjoy some Tulips or Daffodils now, so when fall planting rolls around you can have a concise plan.

       Architecture in the landscape is very important as well. Plants, stone, statuary, and furniture that deliver strong or interesting outlines can help to set focal points or accent the entire space. Plants that have a strong appearance in winter (such as River Birch's peeling bark) bring character to an otherwise drab season. Fountains and statues catch snow and break up the monotony of a blank white space. It's important to remember that winter in Northern Illinois can last 7 months, and to landscape accordingly.

     Now is also when much of the gardening grunt work should be done. Mulching is not fun on a 90 degree August day. Moist soil is easier to plant in and weeds come out much better.. A little May effort can lead to a season of reduced work. Don't forget to walk your beds and appreciate the plants and features; after all, that’s why your plant in the first place.