Nystrom's Nursery

season wrap up

By Neil Peterson

Last Updated Oct 14, 2011 10:03:08 AM

As another season ends, we thank all of our return and new customers for their patronage. For the rest of October, we're open strictly on weekdays when the weather cooperates. Beginning November 1st, we shift into winter mode, where we're open by appointment only.

Although the retail side of things shutters with the onset of winter, we stay very busy. Late autumn is when we get many of our projects finished (or started), and is traditionally when we do the most construction on our display gardens. We have some very big plans that will start to manifest next spring, and we think all of our customers will be impressed.

After the holidays, we actually start hanging baskets for spring. Those giant Million Bell and Geranium baskets take about 16 weeks to grow. People often ask "how are the baskets so big?!" Well, it's because we put a lot of time into them, so you get a level of quality that's outright absent elsewhere. If you have a specific request for a color or plant combination, just email it before January 5th, and we will happily grow it for you.

Thanks again for your continued support of a local business, and have a great winter season!